Rich in ancient history dating back to 3300 BC, Africa has an indefinable mystery and allure surrounding it, and each of its countries within this large continent differs dramatically in many respects. Starting from the North African countries i.e. Morocco, Egypt or Tunisia through Nigeria, Sudan and Mali to the South Africa, the countries and their languages are varied and mix their African heritage with multicultural influences and impacts.

It’s significant to plan your African trip right since it is such a vast continent with an abundance of attractions to visit and has various must-try activities. If you’re interested in seeing it’s rich wild life then Kenya is a must visit for the most impressive wildlife and the best organized tours and if History is your forte, where better to revel in the past than the ancient land of the pyramids and pharaohs? The answer is Egypt for an experience of a lifetime. But if your idea for a perfect holiday is to spend lazy days on unspoilt beaches, then you must visit Africa's popular island i.e. Zanzibar in Tanzania.

The weather throughout the African continent is generally the same everywhere: warm year-round. Though the North African countries including Egypt and Tunisia tend to be extremely hot between the months of June and September where High season is from September to April when the weather’s milder.

The best time for game watching in Africa is in mid-summer, specifically July when the rainy season is just over.

South Africa enjoys its high seasons in December and January when as many tourists visit its cities but flights and accommodations are pricier during this period. Try to avoid visiting Africa from September to January when the gale winds blow wildly.

Countries closer to the Indian Ocean like  Tanzania and Mauritius for example, have a heavy tropical rainy season that runs anywhere from January to March or even until June in some countries sometimes. Therefore, for the best weather visit Africa anytime between June and October but try to avoid the scorching heat from December to March as it can get very hot during this period.

  • When searching for a beach destination, many travelers would pick the Caribbean, but Africa has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, for example, has some of the best diving and fishing in the area. While the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania has been dubbed as “paradise” by many visitors because of its turquoise waters and scenic views.
  • Tunisia  is always a good option for the history buffs as here they’ll find ancient Roman ruins in Carthage and Roman mosaics in the Unesco World-Heritage protected Medina. Libya is another fascinating North African country that boasts remnants of Greek and Roman civilizations. And Egypt, of course, is undeniably the mecca of archaeologists and historians.
  • Kenya offers its visitors an authentic experience in game lodges and tented camps, Zebras running in the wild, elephants brushing up against your jeep; these are the images of safari. Botswana – home to the spectacular Okavango Delta is though less popular, but virtually untouched. Here, you’ll find a 5,850 sq. mile inland floodplain filled with waterways, forests, islands and stunning wildlife.
  • If you are ever inspired to ride on a horse through the endless desert, then you’ll get your wish come true in Mali. This West African country sits on the edge of the Sahara, the world’s largest desert, where nomads and camels ride in from the legendary city of Timbuktu.
  • South Africa : Safaris, beaches, nightlife and history, this country thus combines them all seamlessly. Head to Cape Town and visit the infamous Robben Island prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned under Apartheid then take the cable car up to Table Mountain and enjoy the sensational views of the city beautiful.

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