Peak season

Europe witnesses a lot of climate variations from the north of the continent to the south, that is why each country in Europe has its own peak tourist seasons. The long summer holiday months of June to August see many of the Europe’s on the move across the continent during its annual holidays as a general phenomenon. A heavy flow of crowd can be expected at many of the major tourist destinations which has an inflated hotel and flight ticket prices during that season. As travellers from across the Europe soak up the festive vibes during Christmas and the New Years in the neighboring countries, Europe witness a sharp peak in tourist numbers and accommodation prices.

Off season

Apart from the festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, the cold, rainy winter months of December to February witness a fewer rush of tourists across Europe. If you are a chilly winter fan and can survive through the chilly breeze during this season, you will benefit from some really good hotel and flight deals while some attractions and tourists sights close down for the season.

With milder weather, Spring and Autumn are both the most favourable times to visit Europe, when the majority of other tourists are still at work. You must time your travel during May or September as these are both best months across much of Europe having warm temperatures, lesser rains and some of the most affordable flight and hotel deals.

Grab the Advantage of some of the really cool and affordable flight deals to Europe by booking your flights as early as possible, irrespective of the time of your travel. In case if you may wish to travel through the North American route, then you might have to bear with an increased demand for flights during annual summer break i.e. between June and August. We do have multiple airlines offering flights to Europe from New Zealand, there are usually a good number of flight deals available if you really look for it. This is particularly true if you are flexible on your exact travel dates and are willing to make multiple connections along with.

Air New Zealand provides with the most direct route for the flights to Europe from Auckland by connecting in either Houston or Vancouver which is followed by Air France, British Airways or KLM depending on your destination. The best deals on flights to Europe from Christchurch via Singapore are available with Singapore Airlines or via Guangzhou with China Southern. The best deals on Flight tickets from other cities of New Zealand to Europe can be attracted by connecting through either Auckland or Christchurch first. Also, Alternatively there are sometimes really good deals available if you fly to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane first and then connect through to Abu Dhabi with the Etihad or Emirates Airlines.

Some of the Europe’s international airports include London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt, Istanbul Ataturk and Amsterdam Schiphol, these airports offer a range of ground transportation options as well to get to your city accommodation.

Europe has a network of efficient rail services that will whisk you from the airport into the inner city so that you may avoid the traffic along the way. This is usually the cheapest means of ground transportation in Europe but you may have to connect onto other trains or busses to get to your destinations. Another economical way to travel across the European Cities is the Shuttle Bus Services, which will get you to downtown accomodation from your European Airport. Some have door-to-door services while others offer a drop at designated city destinations. All such services will offer you good luggage storage and guaranteed seats, now that’s something that other public transports don’t always guarantee you.

A little expensive but a hassle-free means of getting from most European airports into the city centre is with a metered taxi, that waits in their designated ranks outside the airport terminal buildings.

A self-drive option is always there, and in case you wish to avail that, all of the major European airports offer car rental services on the best possible deals, if you book online prior to arrival.

  • The capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo; that might still resonate for some with the war that ripped through the city in the 1990s, but today, it is emerging as one of the Eastern Europe’s hippest city having an intriguing ancient past and a progressive contemporary culture.
  • Anyone who is heading towards France and wants to prepare themselves for some of the culinary delights on offer, must check it before and prepare a to-do list so they may taste something more than unusual.
  • Berlin of of the European cities that is very rich and overflowing in culture, heritage, history and artistry, every tourist must taste this most amazing experience.
  • If you want to give your senses a feast, then Istanbul is a must visit, from Enticing drinks to vibrant bazaars and squat toilets are a sight here.
  • All the Globe trollers out there, get ready for the ultimate experience of your lives while travelling European destinations such as Italy, Norway, France, The UK and Greece.

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